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Yesterday was spent at Øyafestivalen - a music festival here in Oslo. I don’t usually blog about personal experiences as I want to keep the focus on this blog on IT and marketing. But I saw some really fantastic shows yesterday that deserves some attention. I was mainly there to see Kings of Convenience and Turbonegro but the great thing about festivals is that you discover new acts.

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For example The Polyphonic Spree who is amazing to see live. 20 hippies playing all sorts of instruments including harp, fiddle and with six choir girls. With everyone dressed in the same hippie coat it’s fun just to watch them as they go crazy on stage. And the music just makes you smile. They played with such joy it (almost) made me think about giving up my job to become a hippie. Final song ended with one of the hippies running through the audience and to (and into) the nearby lake.

Another great show was Fischerspooner. Synthrock with costumes and “prima donna” singer.

And Turbonegro - the coolest rock band on earth (According to the lead singer - and I agree). Get it on! I got erection! City of Satan! Fuck the World! What a great way to end the night.

Written on 12 August 2005.
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