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As promised earlier here is a more detailed post about 24SevenSync - a new Plaxo like service we launched last week. It is a service which lets your contacts update their contact information via a secure website.

The key thing to note about 24SevenSync is that it’s integrated with the 24SevenOffice CRM module. This makes this service different than other similar services (such as Plaxo or GoodContacts) - we aim for the business market and not the consumer market.

Privacy has been a topic of discussion in regards to these type of services. How can you trust a third-party company to hold your contact information? 24SevenOffice does not keep the contact information in the same way as Plaxo. This is a service our clients use. It’s their contact database and it is never shared with anyone else. This is important because that means it is only the company you have a relationship with that stores and manages your contact information.

Contact information is critical for a business. Having outdated contact information means added expenses for postage, lost opportunities for marketing and more administration. With 24SevenSync an e-mail is sent out to all contacts in the CRM system. Each contact is able to update their contact information with a simple form. The information is automatically updated in the CRM system! So the next invoice you send to that customer will be sent to the updated address - not the previous address which was outdated.

In addition to this update of the CRM system we have also launched a plugin for Outlook which makes it possible to synchronize information between 24SevenOffice CRM & Calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

Written on 08 June 2005.
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