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64-bit OLEDB Provider for ODBC (MSDASQL) Available in Longhorn Server, Starting Beta 3

We’re pleased to announce that Longhorn Server Beta 3 will include a 64-bit version of MSDASQL, Microsoft’s OLEDB Provider for ODBC. Isn’t MSDASQL Deprecated? Previous messaging on MSDN indicated that a 64-bit version of MSDASQL would not be available. However, we have received numerous requests from customers for this technology and we are making it available to address the pain experienced in the scenarios described above without 64-bit MSDASQL.

For some very very strange reason Microsoft decided to leave out a 64-bit version of MSDASQL in the 64-bit version Windows Server 2003. Many applications requires the ability to import from Excel and Access databases and without the driver developers must find another way to access data in Excel spreadsheets in 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003. We have moved over to 64-bit and to be able to still support our Excel import feature in 24SevenOffice we had to put up a 32-bit Windows 2000 box to be able to run the Excel driver from there and then put the data to the 64-bit database server.

I really hope the driver will be available for Windows Server 2003 as well.

Written on 06 July 2007.
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