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Active 24 - takeover by competitor

As mentioned earlier we at 24SevenOffice signed a partner deal with Active 24 at the end of last year. But it might not end up exactly end up as we planned. Mamut, our main competitor in the small business market here in Norway bought 33% of Active 24. Well, when you are offering traditional software and sending out updates on CD you need to do something before SaaS-based solutions take their market. Not that the CEO of Mamut have any worries about SaaS: “95+% prefers to have software locally installed.”. Yes, they all love upgrades, servers, consultants and hefty up-front costs. Especially when they sell screwdrivers or surfboards. IT is definitvely the core competency in this cases…

The quote is from the latest “IT-bransjen” which is a magazine for all IT-distributors in Norway. Nice to see that SaaS is getting noticed here in Norway as well. And not to mentioned that Ajax and “Web 2.0” is getting some press as well. Jesse James Garreth held a two-day conference on Ajax earlier this week here in Oslo.


Written on 28 May 2006.
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