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Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - SOA, AJAX and REST: The Software Industry Devolves into the Fashion Industry

Dare Obasanjo (author of the XML Extreme column at MSDN) do not want to use the hyped up AJAX acronym.

If you haven’t noticed AJAX, it’s basically a buzz-word that incorporates the use of JavaScript, XMLHTTPRequest, DOM, HTML & CSS Standards and XML & XSLT in web applications/sites. Nothing new in other words, as Dare points out. Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing I am well accustomed to acronyms and hypes so I haven’t paid much attention to AJAX. I do agree with Dare that AJAX is nothing new and that’s it not benefitical to hype up every new “technology” that comes along.

However, acronyms and hype do have an advantage. Communication. The idea gets spread around, people hear about and is more likely to use it. It’s much easier for someone to pick up a new technology if it’s called AJAX than to combine all these different ideas together. That said, I think AJAX is a bad name and I don’t like the ideas behind the name.

Written on 24 March 2005.
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