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Balder - Open source photo gallery built with Ruby on Rails

So you got lots of photos, yeah? Tried installing some PHP-gallery and it sucked? Or bought a Flickr Pro-account but want more control of how your photo collection is displayed (or still want access to your data when you stop paying them)? Fear not; Balder is here for the rescue.

As a result of a project with two photographers I did this summer I have now open sourced the code and named it Balder. It is a photo gallery built in Ruby on Rails. It aims to be minimalistically beautiful and simple to use. Look at it as Flickr on your own server - without the social features that is.

So what can it do?

If you want to see it in action look no further than to this domain. After my 10-month trip in 2008 I took a few photos and you can see a selection at

And this is how it looks for the administrator:

Upload multiple photos with live progress: Upload photos in Balder

Add albums to collection: Add albums to collection in Balder

Want to try it out? Head over to for this free open source Ruby on Rails photo gallery or go directly to the source-code which you can find at both GitHub and Gitorious.

Written on 09 November 2009.
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