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Twitter initiated campaign to kill IE6

What started with a simple tweet for help by Erlend Schei has now become a campaign to get rid of IE6 supported by some of the major websites in Norway:

To everyone involved with major Norwegian websites: Why don't we start a campaign to get rid of IE6? One week with visible upgrade suggestions on the frontpage.

Journalist, blogger and tweeter Anders Brenna followed up the campaign with an article in TU requesting readers to help out by upgrading their browser. But it was (the eBay of Norway) that took the first major step and displayed a “please upgrade” message to all visitors with IE6:

Soon the largest online newspaper VG followed, as did others: Sesam (search engine), and more.

So if you are responsible or can influence the decisions made on a website, why not join the campaign: Kill IE6 now!

Written on 19 February 2009.
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