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Current readings - Karaoke Capitalism & Michael Connelly

Just started reading a new book I got from SAP after participating in some market research. Always nice to help a competitor by filling out a misleading survey and get a free book. The book I got is ’ Karaoke Capitalism: Managing for Mankind’ by J.Ridderstraale & K.A.Nordstrom, the guys who wrote the successfull ‘Funky Business’. It’s all about the ways of business and capitalism, and how to survive in the ever-changing world of individualism. Looks out to be an interesting read, but unfortuanly there are too much of dot-com, hype, “I know all these cool words” sentences. I only just started but noticed many confusing overview’s of complex theories, for example when they talk about moving from socialism to market capitalism and include naive descriptions with kings and church together with statements from Bill Clinton. While they have many good, valid and interesting points that makes you think, they also talk a lot without really saying anything. But on the other hand, this is a entertaining business book, it’s not - and trying not to (in fact stating not to be) a complex theory book about what to do in business. It’s a book trying to explain how the business world work and what forces are shaping the changes we see.

I am also reading a book by Michael Connelly. I love crime. I bought this huge book which includes three of his was cheaper than buying the three books individually but it’s a pain to carry it on the bus (no…I don’t have a car! arggh) together with my laptop, documents etc. I have now started on the last book, Void Moon.

Written on 24 June 2004.
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