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Exporting SQL Data as XML

I have been working a lot with XML lately, for a report generator i have created. The report is generated in XML from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and transformed to HTML/XML (or any other format) using XSLT. Also, the user interface is heavily build on XML. All tables and fields that the user can choose from are added from a XML file. All that is done by using JavaScript and the Microsoft XML Parser. The drawback is that it’s slow because i have to load up 6 XML files, so i might go for another solution there. When generating the report though it is all server based, so performance is not a problem (yet..). It’s great to use XSLT and with all the control and possibilities with it. To use plain HTML and ASP to make custom reports would be a pain when it would require updates. Have a look at the link provided in this post to learn how to export data from SQL Server to XML. I have used ADO and save the recordset to a MS XML Parser DOM Document, which is then transformed using a XSLT stylesheet which is dynamically generated using ASP.

Written on 11 May 2004.
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