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Fix for the fix

As mentioned earlier, the patch for IE released by Microsoft on August 14 caused IE to crash when using the the window.createPopup() function. Microsoft have now released a Norwegian version of the 923996 hotfix on Friday. We have tested it internally and sent it to some of our customers - and Microsoft have fixed the problem. Thanks very much to Leslie at Microsoft Support for helping me request a localized version of the hotfix. It was originally released only for English versions of Windows.

If you need this hotfix you have to contact Microsoft Support. It will not be released through Windows Update (until the next cumulative update for IE). Neither will it be released publically on Why this is the case is a mystery for me. window.createPopup() which causes the crash in IE is not normally used on websites but web-applications use the function frequently to create contextMenu’s that can go beyond the frame or window (and above select boxes in IE6…another great IE-bug). So many other users will experience this problem. And the problem for Microsoft and web-developers that uses this function, is that users don’t always report these problems. Instead they are annyoyed and leave the site/application.

This is the summary from Microsoft:

When you visit a Web page that uses a custom pop-up object, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 closes unexpectedly and generates an error in the Mshtml.dll file. This problem occurs after you install security update 918899 on a Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)-based or a Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)-based computer. A hotfix is available if you are severely affected by this problem. Otherwise, we recommend that you wait for the next cumulative security update for Internet Explorer. 


Written on 06 September 2006.
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