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Gaia Ajax Widgets

My friends over at Frost Innovation, a IT-company based in Skien/Porsgrunn where also 24SevenOffice is located and where we started actually, have released a new version of their Ajax framework. It is called Gaia Ajax Widgets and includes a bunch of Ajax controls to use with Everything from autocomplete, tabs and simple buttons is included. As you can see in their intro video it is very easy to use. Much easier than Ajax from Microsoft and also much faster in use. They UI side does need some work though. I have seen prettier widgets but everything is of course skinnable and you can modify it to suit your site. If you are used to building windows applications it might be confusing to use pure JavaScript frameworks. So if you develop a web-application have a look at Gaia as it is lightweight and there is no javascript coding required.

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Written on 18 April 2007.
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