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Gmail review

Yesterday I got an invitation to open a gmail account - google’s new e-mail service. Thanks to Anders Jacobsen - check out his excellent blog.

Gmail stands out from the competitors in two ways:

1: No folders - all e-mail’s are categorized by labels.

2: 1000 mb storage - no need to worry about storing e-mail’s with large attachements.

When composing an email, everything looks familiar, but there are two great features in gmail that is lacking in other web-based email services. First, gmail suggest contacts while typing. So when typing ‘sl’ gmail automatically displays ‘sleepyhead@sleepyhead’ if in my contact list. The second feature is spell checking. It’s really fast and instead of opening a new window where you have to replace each word, gmail highlight misspelled words and you have to click the word to display alternatives.

Written on 20 June 2004.
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