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Google AdSense - do not click on ad's on your own blog

Got an e-mail from Google today warning me about fraudulent clicks on my Google AdSense. I have been clicking ad’s on my on blog because I wanted to see what they were about. Google says: don’t. I understand but what Google should be doing is ignore all clicks when I am logged in with my Google Account. Same applies to Google Analytics which to ignore your own visits have to set up a cookie and filter in GA. This could easily be solved by the click of a button in GA or just ignore visiting from the specific google account.

This is what Google told me:

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on
your Google ads, posing a financial risk to our AdWords advertisers.
Please note that any activity that may artificially inflate an
advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings is strictly prohibited by
our program policies.
If you were clicking your ads out of interest or to see who was
advertising on your site, please note that clicking on your own ads for
any reason is strictly prohibited by our program policies
Lastly, please note that if we continue to detect invalid clicks on
your Google ads, we may take further action on your account in order to
protect our advertisers' interests. Thank you for your understanding.

Guess I have to stop my ad clicks.

Written on 14 December 2008.
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