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Google AdWords & competing products

Searching for ‘24SevenOffice’ using the norwegian version of Google it displays six or so sponsored links on the right side. Three of these are domestic competitors with links to their site. One is for a norwegian search-engine and one is our own ad. That leaves one left. This is ad that appears to be from 24SevenOffice but is not. Instead of advertising for CRM, web-based ERP or anything similar, it advertise 24SevenOffice as a great system for doctors! It says:

<blockquote>24SevenOffice - Great system for doctors, quick service, low costs!</blockquote>

Obviously we did not put in this ad ourselves. Which of our competitors who has done so we do not know. The strange thing is that the link does not go to some fake site about this fantastic system for doctors - no, it goes to our website. Since you have to pay only per click with Google AdWords and not per impression, the confused message can easily reach its goal: percieve potential customers of 24SevenOffice that 24SevenOffice is not a web-based ERP/CRM system but actually a fantastic system for doctors.

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Written on 11 April 2006.
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