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HP - Delivering patents, but what about innovation?

I wrote in an earlier post about Hewlett-Packard (HP) and their slogan ‘HP Invent’. I criticized them for just advertising that they were inventing instead of actually delivering innovative products. But according to Where’s the innovation blog post by management guru Tom Peters, they actually are inventing (well I knew that, but my point in my initial blog post was that they are not seen as a innovative company compared to for example Apple).

Hewlett-Packard: 11 international patents per day

Then what is the problem with the ‘HP Invent’ slogan? Are these patents less significant maybe, nothing break-through or something that can be turned into an actual products? Or perhaps they are all related to server’s, not consumer products? Are they not marketing these new innovations?

Written on 24 September 2004.
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