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iPod Shuffle / Oslo / Web-applications / XMLHTTPRequest

Just bought the new iPod Shuffle :) No LCD, but it will suit my needs as a music player on the way to work on while working out. Speaking of work, I will be moving to our office in Oslo very soon (located at the Oslo Innovation Centre). Currently checking out rental ads. Really looking forward to living in a city again.

Thanks for the response to my latest post about web-applications, XMLHTTPRequest and my experience with creating a CRM system. In addition to e-mails there have been many trying out the test drive of

While on the train to Oslo last week I coded a generic XML Object function which can be used to initialize XMLHTTPRequet, DOM Document and all Microsoft XML Parser objects. This will work for all newer versions of IE, Mozilla and Opera. Thus it is not only an update (code is rewritten from scratch) but a cross-browser version of my previous posted MSXML Parser Sniffer. I will post the javascript function some time this week. Some more testing and coding required.

Written on 19 January 2005.
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