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It's All About Whom You Trust

Amy Wohl posted about SaaS and trust last week. She talks about the importance of trusting your SaaS provider as a small or medium business. After all you are storing all your critical data with the selected provider. Now I think that is a good thing, most SMB’s do not have resources or skills to correctly handle backup, network stability, application up-time etc. So outsourcing this should be every CEO’s priority, but still trust is critical in this process. Amy is waiting for SaaS providers to sign deals with a huge and trustworthy company such as a bank or a telco. We agree with her. That’s why we signed a partnership with Fokus Bank (owned by the Danish Bank) to integrate 24SevenOffice in the Fokus Bank’s netbank. Taking SaaS-trust to a whole new level.

Fokus Bank launches integrated Web banking, payroll and accounting system for SMEs (Finextra)
New Internet Banking Model Launched In Norway (CRM Today)
Fokus Bank and 24SevenOffice Develop Web banking system for SMEs

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Written on 06 September 2006.
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