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Nokia restore rant

If you should be so unlucky that the Nokia PC Suite restores up everything except your contacts I have found a way to get it back. I have a Nokia N70 and did a firmware upgrade today. Not a wise idea I tell you. Naturally I did a full backup before starting the process. A painful process over bluetooth and quite unneccesarily it turned out to be as well. After the upgrade I found out that my old applications were no longer working. Thank you Nokia. All the files (mp3, messages) seems to be in place. Now on to make a call. Select the contact…or..hmm..where are the contacts? It seems that the Nokia PC Suite backup/restore function restored everything except my contacts. Fantastic job. The mp3’s I had on my phone were so much more of value to me than my entire contact list. Thank you Nokia. After looking through the source of the backup file I noticed some vCards present within the file. After some googling I found that I was not the only one affected by this issue. More googling let me to Best vCard. This great little application can import and export vcards on your phone. Thank you SmartPhoneWare.

Rant over. Going home to my new apartment. More on that and my trip to Brazil later.

Written on 23 March 2007.
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