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PCWorld Norway recommends!

“”24SevenOffice is a comprehensive and thoroughly system” according to editor Kurt Leganger of PC World Norway. The system is tested in the May edition of the magazine.

The biggest IT magazine in Norway, PC World Norway, have tested 24SevenOffice and pointed out how comprehensive it is at the same time as being user-friendly with a low threshold to start using it. The seamlessly integration between the different modules were also an important finding. However, even though the system is rich on functionalities and modules it allows you to pick the modules you need and the possibility to include new modules as you need them.

The test concluded in PC World Norway recommending 24SevenOffice. “Altogether, 24SevenOffice is a comprehensive and thoroughly system worth taking a closer look at””, says Kurt Leganger editor of PC World Norway.

Read the article here (in Norwegian only).
For more information about, click here - it is a web-based ERP-system with invoice, accounting, CRM, publishing and muc more.

Written on 24 June 2004.
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