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Rails photo gallery Balder on Heroku and S3

A while ago I published a open source photo gallery built with Ruby on Rails. You can find more info on or on the GitHub repository. I have now updated this to a new version which supports S3 storage and so it can run off Heroku (which has no file storage, just a database). Heroku is a really nice free hosted ruby platform and it is very easy to put up simple apps on it as this blog post will demonstrate. Just sign up for Heroku and S3 and type of a few commands in terminal and you are ready to go!

create S3 account

create heroku account

open terminal

git clone

cd balder

Edit config/balder.rb: uncomment heroku & s3 settings. Insert your S3 credentials.

git commit -a -m ‘settings’

sudo gem install heroku

heroku create APPNAME

git push heroku master

heroku rake db:migrate

heroku open


Written on 03 September 2010.
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