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Sales Effectiveness: Helping Sales Sell

I just published an article on our Norwegian website - - based on a recent report by the Aberdeen Group. I might translate it to English later. Currently you’ll have to settle with this short review:

The report identifies the key issues on how to makes sales personnel more effective. The main drivers of this are:

<ul> <li>Working in a team. The days of the “lonely wolf” salesman is gone, the multi-functional team is what is needed.
</li> <li>Collaboration. The team needs to share information. The CRM application must support sharing of information between team members. CRM is web-based and gives each sales team member access to current information from anywhere at any time,
</li> <li>Productivity. Management believes getting more leads is critical - sales personnel sees time and productivity as the most important element. To ensure your sales personnel are effective you need a CRM application that makes them effective.</li> </ul> Check out the full Aberdeen Group report here. Also have a look at this “Webinar” regarding the report.

Written on 18 August 2004.
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