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Sending HTML Newsletters to Hotmail accounts

I created a new template for our newsletter and wrote some content for it. It looked very nice and I was ready to sent it out to all our customers. I did a test to all my e-mail accounts, including, Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail. All mail services were able to display the e-mail properly except Hotmail. This is my experience with HTML Newsletters:

- Yahoo mail replaces .CSS-class with #message .CSS-class. Displays ok.
- Hotmail removes all CSS classes - and everything outside the BODY tag. Inline CSS works, except for one problem I had with using a url image as background in a TD. Hotmail replaces url with nourl in the inline style.
- did not display style correctly when using A/BODY classes. This is due to the email reader including it’s own CSS stylesheet which defines A/BODY classes. Thus, the email does not render exactlty as indented - but it looks ok.

Written on 12 June 2004.
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