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SMTP component

We are currently looking for a SMTP component. Please leave a comment if you know any good compoents that can/is:

- Stable, robust. Able to send a lot of email.
- Mail merge.
- Mass mailing.
- Send embedded images (CID).
- Queing.
- Send email with both html and plain text in same email.

We are using ASP 3.0 (but looking into ASP.NET) and COM.

We are now using DynuEmail, but it lacks these features. So far my list includes: w3 Jmail from Dimac, SoftArtisans SMTP Mail and ASPEmail. We used Jmail before but it was not stable (earlier version) and we did not receive support from Dimac, so i don’t think we will look much into that one.

Written on 12 June 2004.
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