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Attended my first SuperBitsMeetup last night. It’s an informal monthly event for Information Architects here in Oslo. Are Gjertin Urkegjerde Halland gave a good summary of his trip to the IA-Summit in Canada, which included people from Adaptive Path and alike.

I was very interested to note his introduction of AJAX, which we at 24SevenOffice have been using for a year or so. Hopefully more people in Norway will get their eyes up for this “technology”. Would love to be able to show a Norwegian map like Google does it.

Thought it would be mostly developers at the meeting, but I was pretty alone with that occupation. Most were industrial designers, which is something I found very interesting as it’s always nice to get other impulses. Though usability has gained more attention in the IT-community lately, there still are plenty of examples of bad user interface around the web and in software, so developers have a lot to learn from people with other backgrounds than programming.

Written on 07 April 2005.
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