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Telerik r.a.d.editor 7.0 with ajax spellchecker

Here’s a good tip if you are looking for a WYSIWYG-editor for you web-application: Telerik r.a.d.editor. I did extensive research to find the best editor available and Telerik was by far the best. We have a lot of users who are accustomed to Microsoft Word/Outlook and expect similar functions and look & feel when using a editor. We previously used FCKEditor but after numerous usability complaints and bug reports from users we changed to Telerik. While there are still some issues with font handling, text selection and other minor usability difficulties, the editor is not a source of frustration for our customers, which was the case earlier. A long time ago we also used the MS DHTML Editing Control directly so I know how painful it is to develop a usable WYSIWYG-editor. So I am very impressed with Telerik’s work.

Version 7.0 is coming up and new in this release is an ajax-based spellchecker. You can see a live demo here. See this blog post for more information about the new changes.

Via Telerik Watch.

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Written on 15 December 2006.
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