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The wonderful world of Google

What would we do without Google?? Not only have they brought us the best search engine with the most accurate results, they have thaught millions the value of simple design and made nerdy stuff such as newsgroups and blogging accessible for lamers, newbies, noob’s or whatever you want to call those with underveloped IT skills.

As you might notice this blog uses Blogger from Google and is published through Blogspot (free). It’s very easy to use and gives you quite good control over the feel of the blog. Best of all, the standard design looks good. Only features i miss at the moment are comments and photos.

Google News is another very useful service from Google. It automatically collects and displays current news from many sources from around the world. You can also view region specific news, such as a UK, US or Australian version.

Google Toolbar is yet another stroke of genius from Google. It includes a quick way to search directly from internet explorer toolbar but most importantly it includes a pop-up blocker which block’s all those annoying pop-up’s on web-sites you want to browse.

Google Groups is a simple web-based news-reader which lets you read and post to news-groups.

Also check this page or more services from Google!, and don’t miss Google Labs with a showcase of upcoming technologies from Google.

I don’t work for Google, just a big fan :)

Written on 06 February 2004.
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