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24SevenOffice, one of the most advanced and innovative systems for web, is looking for a new system developer. We are offering exciting and challenging working conditions among young and enthusiastic people. 24SevenOffice has offices located in Oslo and Skien.

We have already received an application from a certain Mr. Superman. In his résumé he describes himself in the following way:
Personal qualities:
* Strong and endurable.
* Fast and reliable.
* Loyal.
* Suitable in different roles.
* Responsible.
* Flexible in relation to place of work.

Technical qualities:
* Exceptionally high knowledge and skills within general programming.
* General or special knowledge with C#.Net, ASP.Net, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, MS SQL.
* 3 years of higher education within IT.

Mr. Superman is the perfect man for the job. He could not have matched our expectation and desires better. However, there is major problem; we found that he only exists in the imaginary world. And besides he is very sensitive to kryptonite.

If your qualities match Mr. Superman’s, you could be just the one we are looking for. We want you to do the following:
Outline a system that makes it possible to determine who are logged on to an Internet application.
Give us your answer and relevant information about yourself and e-mail it to

Visit our webpage for more informaion about us.

Written on 08 November 2005.
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