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Web-based desktop

One of my colleagues at work, Richard, created this really cool web-based desktop. It’s all JavaScript with ASP and SQL Server on the backend to save the settings. The user can move and drag elements on the desktop and position them as they prefer. As you see in the image there is a taskbar where you can choose which elements to display. Let’s say I am in sales and I might want to see:
<li>The 20 last registered customers in the CRM system</li>
<li>My current tasks</li>
<li>My 20 last received e-mail’s</li>
<li>The calendar appointments I have today</li>
<li>Internal news</li>
<li>My current leads</li>
<li>Sales figures this month vs. previous month</li>
All of the information displayed is pulled out our application - a web-based ERP system. So for another user, let’s say accountant, the user can customize the desktop to see all the current financial information about the company. It’s also possible to choose the background image and color as well.

While this desktop definitively is a cool way of showing of JavaScript and CSS, the use of it is great. This is the starting page when the user logs into the ERP-system and the user is presented with valuable, up to date and relevant information. Have a look at the desktop here:

Written on 14 May 2004.
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