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Web-based desktop - 2 years after

I just updated the CSS on this blog and while doing so I stumbled across an old post of mine. I wrote about how we implemented a “web-based desktop”/portal/dashboard (or whatever you want to call it) back in the beginning of 2004. Now I am not saying we were the first to do this (far from) but it did make thing about how much the focus on Ajax has meant for web-development. Before Ajax there were a handful of sites doing this and now there are heaps.

We still have the dashboard and it is a great way to get a good overview of tasks, e-mails, statistics and other changes in the system. However there is one important feature missing: RSS. Not a replacement for your favourite RSS-reader (I use Bloglines:) but a module that is capable of displaying RSS-feeds. For example pulling statstics from your web-host, latest entries on your support forum or any other data that belong on your dashboard.

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Written on 14 April 2006.
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