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Website redesign - Help wanted!

We ( - developers of a web-based ERP/CRM system) are planning to redesign our website and graphical profile (logo, business cards, print etc.). We are looking for a talented graphical design company/artist who can deliver a great looking graphical profile that will suit all our needs (various medias and contexts) and provide our potential customers with a user-friendly presentation of our product. Please let me know if you or know someone that can do this for us.

Basically in relation to the redesign of the website I am looking for a light-weight (good use of CSS) standards compliant (must work in all browsers) site that is user-friendly (simple to use and understand) and looks modern (to communicate our fresh and innovative approach to business software), minimalistic (clutter = bad) and professional (potential customers are replacing their accounting/CRM system - site must look credible and trustworthy).

Written on 06 November 2004.
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