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Welcome to my new home!

Signed up with the excellent Slicehost a month ago and now I have finally migrated all my domains (well, most, still waiting for Google Apps to accept my MX records). So the new home for is now The switch is also from Blogger to Wordpress which I something I should have done a long time ago. Wordpress is definitively a better tool for blogging than Google Blogger. There is a ecosystem of themes and plugins, which is lacking for Blogger. As it is open-source the development is much more open and progressive.

Even though the old main feed at Blogger is redirected to my feed at Feedburner I do recommend to subscribe to the new feed or using the feed at Feedburner. If you have subscribed directly at my old sleepyhead blogspot, i.e. using atom, you must change now to retrieve my new posts through RSS!

All links to my sleepyhead blogspot site are redirected but unfortunately it seems Blogger wants to ask visitors if they want to be redirected to the new domain. Hopefully my pagerank will be transferred but my have doubts with this manual redirect at Blogger. I have no clue why Blogger takes this approach, it is just plain nonsense.

Finally: Welcome to! This is my blog but if you are really curious you can view my main splash page as well.

Written on 19 December 2008.
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