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Will Facebook crush MySpace by adding band pages?

I am far from a fan of MySpace but I occasionally visit the site to listen to music of bands I have heard good things about. The design and crappy music player makes up a horrible experience. But the idea behind the band profiles which has been a major reason for the MySpace success is a good one. And Facebook has obviously noticed this. I first stumbled upon the product pages on Facebook by being a fan of iUseThis product page. Today Facebook launched this product/fan feature and the main example is Dave Matthews Band. The major hurdle for Facebook is to get not only the big bands like Dave Matthews Band to create such a page but also smaller bands which has been the case on MySpace. If Facebook can achieve that I am positive that they will crush MySpace. And I really hope they do because the design on MySpace pages is not good for anyone. The facebook pages on the other hand are designed like the rest of Facebook; simple and easy to navigate with a familiar structure. The music player is a simple list and the selected song starts playing instantly. Works great. I am a fan.

Written on 26 November 2007.
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