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Working Man

Just a short intro to what i do. I am a system developer and co-founder of It is a web-based ERP system for the SMB/SME market, and includes modules such as accounting, invoice, CRM, SCM, publishing, e-mail, file management, HRM, salary, calendar, project management, cash register and more! It is one the most advanced web-based ERP systems in the world. We have launched the product in Norway and are currently rolling out in England with some partners there. Our country manager in England is doing a very good job and we are finialising translation and required modifications with for example the accounting system (i.e. VAT, reports).

I currently deal mostly with IT tasks such as programming and database, but also spend time with customer service and marketing. My goal is to be more involved in the planning and execution of our marketing strategy in the future. Due to the fact we are somewhat still in the development stage (though the critical parts of the system are finished, there are still features to be added and modifications to be made..), I have to focus mostly on the IT side for now. Check the link for more info about the company i work for and the products we offer.

Written on 06 February 2004.
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